Soul Anatomy: Finding Peace, Hope, and Joy in the Psalms

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How do you worship when you’re depressed? Where do you find words to express inexpressible joy? What do you pray when you need hope? In Soul Anatomy: Finding Peace, Hope, and Joy in the Psalms, George Robertson offers a biblical guide for working through emotional turmoil in a gospel-centered way.

Each chapter examines an individual Psalm for deeper study of the themes of peace, joy, rest, anxiety, depression, justice, God’s presence, and others. Robertson guides readers in how to listen for Jesus’s voice while walking through the hardest things of life and points them to Jesus’s humanity and divinity as they pray the Psalms along with him. The discussion questions at the end of each chapter make this an effective resource for both individual use and small group discussion.

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My Thoughts

I adore the book of Psalms, so I really enjoyed reading this book. I loved how the author dived into various Psalms to help us understand emotions that we may feel, and how we can use the Psalms to help us walk with Jesus through various stages of our life. It tackles depression and mental health – which I loved! This book would make a wonderful bible study, and is perfect for anyone who loves diving deeper into understanding the bible.

I added Psalm 22 (one of my favorites), and a preview from the book down below! I thought it would be perfect to reflect on with Easter coming up!

Psalms 22

Book Preview

George Robertson, PhD, is the senior pastor at Second Presbyterian Church in Memphis, TN, and a council member for The Gospel Coalition. He previously served as a lecturer and adjunct professor at Covenant Theological Seminary.

Robertson is the author of Soul Anatomy: Finding Peace, Hope, and Joy in the Psalms. He has devoted much attention to the study and application of the Psalms throughout his career, preaching from them over 150 times and contributing the notes for Psalms 1-100 in the ESV Gospel Transformation Bible. The book relays both the depths of his personal experience with depression and anxiety as well as daily pastoral care over the past 25 years.

He is married to Jackie, and they have four children.

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