We Belong To Each Other

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Popular cozy enthusiast and blogger, Liz Marie, and her husband Jose Galvan have a new book! We Belong to Each Other, their first children’s book, which focuses on belonging and the love of family.

You may be familiar with Liz Marie as the author of bestselling book “Cozy White Cottage,” and as a design/lifestyle influencer at www.lizmarieblog.com.

We Belong to Each Other is a beautiful picture book, with illustrations that pay homage to her first book “Cozy White Cottage” so many who consider her their go-to for DIY home projects & home design, will recognize the cozy aesthetics, animal characters and scenes from their actual farm.

It’s a sweet story about them bringing their baby lamb Grace home to White Cottage Farm. At first, Grace feels as if she doesn’t belong because she is the only sheep at the farm. But as she experiences the love of the other animals and of the kind man and woman and their baby, she begins to feel safe in her new home and recognizes that God provided her with a loving family.

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My Thoughts:

If you are looking for an adorable book to read and cuddle with your children — this is it! The illustrations are adorable, the writing is fun and engaging, and the story will give you an opportunity tell your children how much they are loved and valuable to the family.

A Look Inside the Book:


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