Mike Phirman Releases a New Album ‘Activity Books’

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This new album is so fun! You will love listening to your kids giggle in the back seat while your driving around town! 😂 We really love word search/ vacuum!

Press Release

Today, the new children’s music label 8 Pound Gorilla Records is proud to announce the release of the first single and music video from Activity Books by Mike Phirman. The EP of five original songs will be available from all digital music sources on March 12th.

In Activity Books, Phirman interprets kids’ favorite activity book pages into fun, bouncy, harmony-filled earworms. Through inventive music and clever wordplay, he answers important questions like: What does a Word Search sound like? How would a GPS react if it got lost in a maze? What if you suddenly realized that you’re living in a “What’s Wrong with this Picture” world? Through these and more, Activity Books delivers all your favorite visual puzzles like you’ve never heard them before.

Activity Books doesn’t stop at putting puzzles to music. Each activity becomes a doorway into a story. We travel to a petting zoo INSIDE a bounce house, fly alongside a small dog in a carry-on luggage bag, and, from a safe distance, we get to experience a sneeze in three-part harmony.

Plus, comedy music legend “Weird Al” Yankovic makes a special appearance as “stuff that gets sucked up by a vacuum”!

Mike Phirman is a Los Angeles-based comedian, songwriter and producer whose first family album, Songs to Sing at Children (2018), included the songs with unusual themes like “What Makes the Breakfast?,” “Chicken Monkey Duck,” and “You’ve Got What It Takes (to be a kid),” each of which reached #1 on SiriusXM’s premier kids’ music channel, Kids Place Live.

Geekdad called Phirman a “musical genius” and remarked that his songs “would easily cause a car full of kids to completely lose it, laughing so hard.”

Watch for more songs and animated music videos on Mike Phirman’s YouTube channel, and find more songs and videos at https://mikephirman.com/

Mike Phirman – Connect the Dots / Luggage Dog (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Color by Number / Bobbing and Weaving (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

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