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About Poieo

My name is Howard Cole and I’m a worship leader in a small town in Ohio, USA. Poieo (poy-eh’-o) is my solo studio project. I used to play in metal bands and my life was a mess until God gave me a new life. Now my mission is to take songs of the church and make them metal. Besides serving my local church, my weekdays are spent sharing music with residents in nursing homes. I’m just a normal guy who enjoys a simple life with my wife and daughter.

Poieo (ποιέω) is a Greek word that’s usually translated as do, make, create, produce, or fashion; but it implies so much more than just simple action. It’s the idea of intentional activity that comes from a person’s very nature.

Jesus used it to describe the way that a tree ποιέω (bears) fruit. James wrote to not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves, but ποιέω (do) what it says. In the beginning God ποιέω (created) the heavens and the earth. So in everything, ποιέω (do) to others what you would have them ποιέω (do) to you. Whatever the Father ποιέω (does), the Son also ποιέω (does).

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