How to “Keep Your Eyes on Jesus” in the Midst of Chaos, Depression, and Pain

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Brittni and Richard De La Mora explore the importance of keeping our eyes on Jesus in the midst of chaos, struggles and pain, with Brittni sharing how the Bible transformed her perspective during one of the most difficult moments of her life.

“I actually was dating a guy who was murdered. He was stabbed in front of me. They had to put me in a hotel for a few days, because they couldn’t find the people who did it and they wanted to protect me,” she explained. “I saw a Bible. I wasn’t a Christian. I was still in the porn industry during this time and I remember taking that Bible … I just started reading all the scriptures that pertained to everything that I was going through and I would write out the scriptures as they spoke to me, and I was so liberated during that time.”

Listen to Brittni and Richard share perspective that will help you on your own journey.

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