The Triple Threat Anointing: Moving in the Supernatural Power of Salvation, Healing and Deliverance

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“Do not pick this book up if you are not daring, if you just want to be a mediocre Christian. This book is dangerous! It will knock you out of complacency and cause you to press. I was so stirred when I first heard this word because I had already seen in a vision part of what is described in these pages. I believe there is a move at hand that will help bring in the harvest of the nations. It is not a normal move of God. It is a triple threat!”

Foreword by Ryan LeStrange

Book Description

Everyday people flowing in the miraculous power of God. 
Normal. Commonplace. 
That’s not just for Bible times; it’s for today! 
The Spirit of the Lord spoke to Pastor Andrew Towe, revealing a prophetic glimpse of a coming outpouring: “ I am uprooting religious systems and tearing down man’s ways of doing things. This new move will be marked by My glory and the flow will be pure.” 
In an incredible vision from God, Andrew received a prophetic announcement that there is a day fast approaching where God will move upon the Earth using everyday people that have been equipped with the Triple Threat Anointing
The time is now–that person is you! 
Salvation. Healing. Deliverance.  This is the triple threat anointing you have been empowered to walk in! 
In this book you will learn how:

  • To flow in the Triple Threat anointing of salvation, healing and deliverance.
  • To see crisis and impossibility with supernatural eyes of faith.
  • To have an expectant heart that is ready and positioned to experience miracles.
  • To identify when the “Holy Ghost Affect” is in operation.
  • To overcome demonic pushback and put the devil on the run in your life!

We should not look at the book of Acts with envy. We shouldn’t wish for what they had, when in fact, we have the same access to the same Holy Spirit that Jesus and the Apostles did. The alarm is sounding and an army is being awakened to the supernatural presence and power that is their inheritance in Jesus!

Andrew speaks as a prophet, unfolding the mysteries of heaven. He speaks of a coming move! The prophetic anointing released in this book causes people to break forth from stagnation, complacency, and lethargy. They also break free from bondage and restriction. There is power in this revelation. – Ryan LeStrange

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