I try to post Instagram giveaways ending here. Some days I’m busier than others, this is just a hobby that I do for fun.

How to Hunt for Instagram Giveaways

1. Follow and Search Hashtags for Giveaways

You can actually follow hashtags, and they’ll show up in your feed. You can also search the hashtags by “top” and “recent” posts. I recommend the “recent” posts to find low entry giveaways… just double check to make sure you are entering USA giveaways, and watch out for “local only” giveaways. You can search hashtag stories as well.

2. Search Stories for Giveaways

You can search company stories, friends stories, and stories from people who liked a giveaway photo for giveaways.

3. Find Giveaway Tagging Buddies

Find a few giveaway buddies to tag, and will tag you back in giveaways. Help each other out! If you need someone to tag I’m lizardbrooks99. I usually screen shot the people that tag me, and try to tag them back during the day. That’s how I personally keep track of my current tag list.

4. Sort Giveaways By Ending Date

This is something I personally do so that I’m not bogged down with giveaways. Sometimes I may not be able to enter until the end of the day, so this helps me know what to put my attention on. It has also helped me to avoid “instagram jail” from entering too many giveaways in a day. I usually focus on the ones I really want to enter first, and then move on from there. If I do end up in “instagram jail” I just quit for the day, and start up the next day.

How to Share Post to Your Stories

Some giveaways require you to share to your stories. Here is how you do it. Click the paper airplane, then “add post to your story”. I also tagged myself in the giveaway, so I could show you how to tag friends in the giveaway post. I went back and deleted it. 🙂

I will probably add to this page as I think of more things that are helpful with instagram giveaways. Please leave a comment if you have any questions, or if there is something you’d like me to explain.

Click here for the giveaway page.

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  1. Ok,I am having trouble sharing posts. I hit the arrow and share post. It says it’s shared to FaceBook…it does not show up. I also somehow got three pictures to post but I can’t do any more. Is there a good guide to insta? But on the good side I won a local contest for $100 at Crate and Barrel!

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