Why You’ll Never Cry Alone – Daily Devotion

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John 11:35

They say when it rains, it pours. That can be true in our lives too, causing us to wonder “where is God?” That same question was asked of Jesus: Where was He when Lazarus died? You might be surprised by His response and what it means for your life today. Gain wisdom, insight, and understanding about God’s presence in your pain.

Written by Andy Allan. Presented by George Moss.


Trusting God Has A Plan: Pursuing Jesus in Singapore | In Pursuit of Jesus

Singaporeans Bernice Lee and Tan Soo-Inn understand the pain of losing a spouse and the feelings of hurt, anger, and confusion. Yet their years of questioning and listening to God brought them to a point of understanding that He is always sovereign. We can trust Him even when life gets complicated.

Discover more about Jesus’ impact in Singapore at https://inpursuitofjesus.net/singapore

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