Lucy Kalantari Drops Surprise Halloween Single “Haunting Days of Halloween”

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Grammy winners Lucy Kalantari & The Jazz Cats have just dropped a surprise Halloween single.

Press Release

What if supernatural creatures were real? What if they’ve been walking among us, hiding, pretending to be human? What if on the days leading to Halloween, they get to be just as they are?

This is Lucy Kalantari’s world in “Haunting Days of Halloween”, her newest addition to her growing Halloween music collection, out today, October 2, 2020. This orchestrated blend of classical and jazz over a hypnotizing hip hop groove, will lure you into the call of the supernatural wild.

“All the tales you’ve been toldAll the creatures you knowHave been walking with you hiding under your noseBut now now now now It’s time time time To be free!”

“Haunting Days of Halloween” is hilariously decorated with character voices that keep you company throughout the song. Listeners can continue their delightful experience by visiting and hear more from these wonderful creatures!

“Haunting Days of Halloween” is brought to life by her GRAMMY Award-winning team, Lucy Kalantari & the Jazz Cats: Larry Cook on bass, Linus Wyrsch on clarinet, Darius Kalantari on responders and effects, Rich Kulsar on drums and mixing engineer Denise Barbarita. Featuring guests Libby Weitnauer on violin, and children’s artist Nathalia Palis joins the wild choir. Lucy Kalantari leads the pack with her voice, piano, hauntingly clever arrangement and production.


Lucy Kalantari & the Jazz Cats is the 2019 GRAMMY Award-winner for Best Children’s Album, All The Sounds. Their jazz age inspired sound for families carries messages of joy, community and resilience. They have been featured on Sprout House, the musically-infused programming block on Universal Kids. Her songs have been featured on networks such as Universal Kids and can often be found topping the charts on SiriusXM Kids Place Live and other family programs around the country. Lucy Kalantari & the Jazz Cats perform in festivals and events across the United States.

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