Love Her Well: 10 ways to find joy and connection with your teenage daughter + Giveaway

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Love Her Well is such an encouraging book for moms with daughters! It’s a great resource to help you connect and have more grace with them! I really enjoyed it, and highly recommend it!


For many women, having a baby girl is a dream come true. Yet as girls grow up, the narrative of innocence and joy changes to doom and gloom as moms are told “Just wait until she’s a teenager!” and handed a disheartening script that treats a teenage girl’s final years at home as solely a season to survive.

Love Her Well is a realistic yet optimistic guide to help mothers connect with their teenage daughters through the challenges of adolescence. Written by a mom of four girls and an author for teenage girls, it is packed with powerful insights, relevant stories, timeless truths, and common mistakes made in the mother-daughter relationship. By building a connection with your daughter as you parent her, you’ll gain a voice in her life that allows you to offer guidance, wisdom, and emotional support. Let’s change the narrative that leads moms to parent girls with a spirit of defeat – and instead parent them with a spirit of strength, especially during the critical teenage years.

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