A Little SPOT of Anxiety: A Story About Calming Your Worries

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Anxiety comes from feelings of being worried, scared, or anxious. When these feelings are in small amounts that’s okay because they are there to help protect us, but when they get TOO BIG, they become overwhelming and need to be managed. When a child experiences anxiety it can prevent them from doing what he/she wants and and/or needs to do, which can make anxiety a disability. 

This story addresses how anxiety can affect all ages and how it can show up in all different situations. The Gray SPOT in the story creates a visual representation of Anxiety so that a child can see when it’s gets too big, and how to shrink it back to a Green PEACEFUL SPOT. 

It offers creative strategies for children to help cope with anxiety as well.
From the tip of my finger, to the center of my palm,
I can do this! I can be calm!
This worry grew too big, and cannot stay,
take a deep breath, and blow it away!

The goal of this book is to give children the tools needed to identity what emotion they are feeling and how to properly manage that emotion.

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