Sara Lovell Releases Children’s Album “Night Life”

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Night Life speaks to every child’s resistance to going to sleep and the glorious dream world they can enter once they surrender.

This isn’t your usual lullaby album, but a whimsical album of upbeat songs that children can relate to in the hours before bed. The songs remind me of the battle we all feel between wanting to relax and keep going.

Here is the video for Sara’s song “The Dark Side of My Room”:

I Don’t Want to Go to Bed


Furry alligator puppies, run-away socks, ducks on parade and flying children are just a few of the wonders you’ll encounter in Sara Lovell’s fanciful worlds. With two full-length albums of songs for kids and families, it’s apparent that Sara is not so much singing to children as she is reporting back with love from a magical landscape she inhabits.

Whether she is vividly painting an alternate universe or simply describing everyday moments in life, Sara’s authenticity never talks down to children, instead, it invites both kids and their parents to dream and play along with her. The lyrics move easily between whimsical and matter-of-fact, and are set to music that is at once sophisticated and immediately accessible.

Winner of several prestigious awards (including a Parents’ Choice® Gold Award) Lovell also has three critically praised “grown-up” CDs to her credit. She lives in Berkeley with her 8-year-old son who loves to paint his face and dance in front of the mirror. After a long day of child-wrangling, Sara is thrilled when she has enough brain cells left to compose a tune and follow whatever lyric-journey her imagination decides to take her on.

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