“I Am Kind” New Album by Lindsay Munroe

It is full of fun energetic music! It will definitely fill you up and put you in a good mood to spread kindness!


Lindsay Munroe is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter. Meeting Raffi backstage at a 2019 concert, Lindsay was delighted to learn he was a fan of her “Sing-Along with Lindsay” videos online. That opened a conversation about music and autism, (Lindsay’s three children all have autism), which grew into a series of new and original songs.

On completion of the first two songs, they knew this was the beginning of a special album that could bring joy to a lot of families and classrooms. Raffi offered to produce her debut album, I AM KIND. Raffi’s familiar voice and his playing (guitar, ukulele, electric piano, bongos) enriched the album, and voices of Lindsay’s kids lit up several songs. Raffi suggested a few classics like “The More We Get Together,” and the multilingual “Frère Jacques” and “De Colores.” The overall messages of inclusiveness come through in songs like “Every One Of Us Belongs.” The album concludes with the soothing lullaby, “I Can Dream.”

“I hope that all families, especially those with neurodiverse kids, can feel uplifted and inspired by my songs,” says Lindsay. Raffi is similarly excited about the first album in decades on his Troubadour Music label, saying: “I AM KIND is a collection of positive, endearing songs that kids, parents and teachers will love. I’m delighted to join Lindsay on this unique album.”

When not playing music, Lindsay likes baking, bird watching and crocheting. Her handiwork is featured on the cover of I AM KIND.

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