China’s Great Forests: What The Giant Panda and Earth’s Climate Share

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Join our expert scientist Yue Wang, a conservation planning officer for The Nature Conservancy, on a virtual field trip across the world to two stunning provinces in China—Sichuan and Yunnan—where we will explore majestic forests, towering mountains, and other iconic landscapes. While examining the role these vital natural areas play in the carbon cycle and climate change, as well as the benefits of reforestation, we will learn about the magnificent creatures who call these habitats home: giant pandas, golden snub-nosed monkeys, and the elusive and odd-looking takin. Exploring these critical areas will help students understand how important all habitats are for both people and animals—no matter where you are in the world. Our journey will demonstrate how scientists work with local communities to protect nature and create new wilderness. Visit to see the resources associated with this virtual field trip.

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One thought on “China’s Great Forests: What The Giant Panda and Earth’s Climate Share

  1. Cuteness overload but for reason I always assumed that pandas are not aggressive like other bears but I guess a bear is a bear no matter what part of the country.
    Hope they can save them and achieve their goals, it would be sad to lose these bears for ever their beautiful animals.

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