Hopalong Andrew at Home – 6/3

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About Hopalong Andrew

Hopalong Andrew sings clever and whimsical cowboy songs about city life performed in the great tradition of the American West. His mission is to celebrate all aspects of city life and nature, while paying homage to the singing cowboys and folk singers of yesteryear. His high-spirited music is meant for the whole family to enjoy, city-slickers and tenderfoots alike.

Hopalong Andrew developed his vision for Urban Cowboy music when he was a New York City Urban Park Ranger, playfully using music to promote and celebrate the city’s precious natural resources, history, and bounty of multicultural opportunities. Assigned to New York’s famous Central Park, he became known as “The Singing Ranger.”

His influences include the singing cowboys of the silver screen, classic country singers such as Hank Williams and Hank Snow, and the humor and whimsy of parody singers such as Allan Sherman and “Weird Al” Yankovic.

Every song on Howdy Do! tells its own tale — “Broadway was a Native American Trail” (which is 100% true!) celebrates the Native American origins of New York City. With “The Yodeling Ranger of Central Park,” Hopalong Andrew recounts his days as an Urban Park Ranger. “Tyrannosaurus” tells the story of a sleepover night at the American Museum of Natural History. The album’s tour-de-force is “I’ve Been Everywhere in New York” in which Hopalong Andrew sings the names of 105 neighborhoods in under three minutes!

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