Live Berkner Break – 6/3

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Singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Laurie Berkner didn’t intend on becoming a highly successful children’s performer. The New Jersey native spent her formative years immersed in music, participating in everything from choir to orchestra to musical theater. After finishing college, Berkner spent time as a music counselor at summer camps, and it was there that she developed the skills that would eventually turn into a career. After a couple of stints in bands, she became a children’s music specialist at various New York area preschool and day care centers, and in 1997 she released her debut album, Whaddaya Think of That? After the release of Buzz Buzz the following year, Berkner started her own record label, Two Tomatoes Records. By the time Victor Vito arrived in late 1999, Berkner and her guitar-led singalongs had become a fixture in the genre, garnering many awards and receiving accolades from magazines like People and U.S. News & World Report and praise from children and parents alike. The Laurie Berkner Band has put out numerous albums, videos, and books, including 2006’s We Are… The Laurie Berkner Band and 2008’s Rocketship Run. Berkner and her coconspirators have even appeared on the popular daytime talk show The View. ~ James Christopher Monger, Rovi

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