L. Dejuan: L’s New Album

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Larry DeJuan Jackson Jr, better known as “L. DeJuan” is an artist who believes that music can heal & inspire. His motto is “I give the gospel on beats inspiring others to believe.” As a Christian rapper and producer, L. DeJuan aims to do that every single day!

Music has always been a huge part of LD’s life! “He came out of the womb making music” his Mom says. “I grew up in the church and the church will always be a part of me.” he says. L. DeJuan started writing his own music around the age of 7 years old after being inspired by the music he heard in church & on the radio! He released his first album at the age of 15 and has been releasing music every year since then! “If I’m feeling great or feeling horrible I can listen to music and it makes me feel better so I hope my music can do the same for others”.

L. DeJuan often times refers to himself as LD. LD isn’t just short for L. DeJuan but it also stands for Love Driven. “My life has been changed by the love of Jesus Christ and the greatest commandment he has given us is to love one another. We are all called to be love driven.”

Often taking listeners on a transparent journey through his own stories of love, coming to Christ, and overcoming insecurities, doubt, suicide attempts, and more — all while melodically rapping and singing over a variety of genre-bending, pop rap beats.

L. DeJuan aims to help to be a light in a world that’s full of darkness.

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