Dana’s Music Playground Releases“A Place To Call Home” June 6

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Every living being, from honey bees to humans, needs a safe place to call home. Dana’s seventh recording explores the different places animals live… in the sky and sea, in wetlands, underground tunnels and more. Featuring numerous musical genres ranging from rock to reggae, bluegrass to bossa nova, the album is designed to educate and engage young listeners while planting seeds of care for the planet we all call home.

Album releases June 6, 2020

Dana will celebrate the album release on June 6th with an online family concert.

Underground Traffic Jam

Where there are tunnels, there is bound to be traffic! Dana is a “traffic reporter” humorously narrating what happens underground as animals burrow their way through congested passageways in this rockin’ song for children.

Honey Bee Bee Bop

Do the “waggle dance” with Dana and the honey bees on this buzzing, jazzy song that celebrates our planet’s heroes!


“The whales know… when it’s time to go.” This upbeat pop song from Dana follows humpback whales from Alaska to Hawaii and illustrates the concept of migration. Children will be fascinated by the actual whale song incorporated into the music as they learn about these amazing animals

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