Cincinnati Zoo: Home Safari – Armadillo

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Armadillos are known for their hardened skin used for defense. Did you also know that despite that heavy armor, the armadillo can be quick and nimble? Baby armadillos can be curious and playful, too. We want to get you up and moving by challenging you to act like an armadillo! Try out these armadillo exercises at home in your inside or outdoor space. Do as many times as you can until you’re worn out and need an armadillo nap.


Armadillos have long claws that they walk on like stilts! This would be tricky for us, but for them they are still able to move quickly.  Try walking as fast as you can on your tippy-toes.

Roll Up

Armadillos use their armored plates for protection against predators. Pretend you have armadillo armor and roll up into a ball by tucking your arms, head and legs into the center of your body.


Those claws are made for digging! Stand up and pretend your fingers are armadillo claws. Bend over and “Dig”  near your feet like you’re digging in the dirt. Pretend to “dig” high up in the air above your head like you’re underground.

Sniff & Slurp

Armadillos dig in the dirt to find bugs to eat. They use their long powerful snout to sniff out the location of worms, beetles, ants and termites. Then they use their sticky tongue to slurp them up as quickly as they can. For this armadillo exercise, get down on all fours. Pretend to sniff to the left, sniff to the right, forwards and backwards. Then do a little spin!

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