Cincinnati Zoo: Home Safari – Aardwolf – 5/25

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A solitary and nocturnal member of the hyena family, the aardwolf specializes in feeding on termites. Rather than digging into a termite nest, the aardwolf simply licks up the insects with its long tongue and chomps down on them with its peg-like molars. A single aardwolf can consume 200,000 termites in one night.

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Aardwolf Snack Challenge

Using their long tongues and peg-like molars, aardwolves can slurp up and chomp down on 200,000 or more insects in one night. That is nearly 500 insects every minute! How do you think you compare to an aardwolf? Try taking the Aardwolf Snack Challenge! What will you snack on instead of insects? Try cheerios, berries, goldfish, etc. Set out your snack on a plate and use your tongue only to collect your food. Be sure to be safe and chew your food well before swallowing!

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