Brook Trout Feeding FRENZY! Premiered Today!

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Premiered Today!

Brook Trout Feeding FRENZY is the latest episode of On the Creature Trail with the Kratt Brothers. In this episode, Chris is in the taiga region of the great white north looking for a really cool fish with some awesome creature powers: the brook trout!

Brook trout are a spectacularly colorful fish identified by their bright flecks and distinctive wormlike markings on their backs, and white trim around their fins. They are one of several species of fish in the salmonid family – a group of streamlined, strong swimming fish, commonly found in cool waters across the Northern Hemisphere.

As a young brook trout, the fish survive on a diet of plankton, worms, and insect larvae. In their adult phase, the large fish turn their attention to bigger prey, like crustaceans, molluscs, fish, amphibians, and even small mammals! Brook trout are opportunistic feeders that will lie and wait for dinner to pass by in moving currents.

When prey is spotted, trout enter the current to nab their reward! When the fish aren’t hunting for food, they tend to hang out in calmer areas along the bank, or behind rocks and vegetation. Having a favorite resting post between meals helps these fish replenish energy stores needed for the hunt!

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