She Laughs: Choosing Faith over Fear BY: CAROLANNE MILJAVAC

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With one kid sick this Spring Break, I thought it’d be the perfect time to relax and read a book. “She Laughs” is amazing! Not only is it encouraging, but hilarious. The author keeps you laughing and engaged with her true stories that are very relatable. She uses humor to help restore your soul with laughter and speak truth into your heart about God’s love.

“As long as I’m capable of laughter, there’s hope for joy in my future. It carries me through hard times, and it will carry you too.”. – CA Miljavac

I can definitely relate to her message of laughter carrying you through hard times, while God heals your heart. For example a few years ago bwhen I was getting examined after a rape by a loved one all I could do was laugh. This is something I’ve always done since I was a child when things were too emotionally overwhelming. It’s always help ground me and keep me out of despair.

I’ve always thought I was strange for doing so. In fact, the nurses all laughed during the examination that it was a first for them. Reading this book has helped me realize that maybe it’s not so awkward and it was really helping me stay strong. Laughter gives hope a voice. We can move forward despite our fears with the Holy Spirits help.

I definitely raise my hand and say, me too. I agree!! This book definitely is a must read.

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SHE LAUGHS! In the face of… Poverty. Grief. Brokenness. Disaster. Hopeless situations. Life’s struggles. … And you can too!

Join CA Miljavac on a journey of joy. She believes with all her heart that laughter is a gift, providing a sliver of distraction from whatever struggle you might be facing…relief when you need rescuing…hope in the midst of hardship.

Though her life has been dotted with disaster, it’s through laughter that she found the strength and courage to persevere…joy for the journey.  And she’ll help you discover all the ways laughter can carry you through your very own painful situations.

In ten laugh-til-you-cry chapters, Miljavac shares how laughter has been an essential and valuable part of her own healing, plus hilarious true stories will help you get started on the path to a life of peace and joy.

A bit about the author

With over 100 million video views and 450 thousand social media followers, CA miljavac has become the “Go To Girl” for a good laugh, motivation, loving truths and vulnerability. She can pull your heart strings while tapping your funny bone with a message of beauty from ashes. Her purpose in life is to spread love and joy, without sacrificing honesty and truth.

She believes we all have a story to tell. Abandoned, abused, broken and lost, grief taught her gratitude, pain gave her purpose, and loss revealed true love. Faith gave her wings to fly above fear, and she is on a mission to lovingly kick you out of your nest too!

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