16 Health Benefits of Using Humidifiers

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❄️ Studies show that the optimum humidity is right around 35-45%.❄️

⏩ Better breathing and sinus comfort
⏩ Reduced infections from viruses and bacteria. In dry homes, droplets of viruses and bacteria can also better stay airborne, increase your chances for infection.
⏩ Faster recovery from sickness. Having proper humidity levels allows your body to maintain a healthy lining of mucus, protecting you from any sickness from getting worse or inviting other illness into your body.
⏩ Better sleep and improved sleep apnea
⏩ No more nose bleeds
⏩ Less shocks from static electricity
⏩ Reduced asthma symptoms
⏩ Less dehydration or thirst. Water is a vital component of your health and enables critical body functions. It’s important to stay hydrated all the time, and having a well-humidified home will help you stay hydrated, too.
⏩ Reduced dry eye symptoms
⏩ Fewer indoor allergies
⏩ No more chapped lips. Humidifying your home can make chapped lips less of a problem while you’re at home, especially as you sleep overnight.
⏩ Relieve dry, itchy skin issues (eczema, psoriasis)
⏩ Keep your skin young and vibrant. keeping your home humidified will allow your body to naturally maintain the moisture and health of your skin as well.
⏩ Nurture a healthy scalp and hair. Maintaining a good amount of moisture in your home enables your scalp to naturally produce oils in a health balance, protecting the health of your hair.
⏩ Reduced VOCs and ozone in your home. Keeping humidity between 35-45% is the best way to combat both ozone and VOCs.
⏩ Stay warmer in the winter. humidity in your home can also help your home feel warmer as you heat it in the winter

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