NF’s Fourth Studio Album “The Search” is Out!

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Michigan rapper NF has returned with his fourth studio album The Search. The album which was produced by Tommee Profitt, features hiphop, pop and cinematic elements, of which are evident in tracks such as ‘When I Grow Up,’ ‘Returns,’ ‘The Search,’ and lead single ‘Time.’

NF is often dismissed by some Hip Hop fans as nothing more than a “Christian rapper”, but he’s proven to be a major player on the Billboard charts. His last album Perception, took the industry by surprise when fans propelled it to #1 on the Billboard 200 upon release. Perception is now certified Platinum in the US with over 2M album-equivalent units.

My Thoughts

His new album does not disappoint, and follows his trend of writing emotional songs that share his struggles of mental afflictions and trauma. I think it will be very relatable to many. He also continues to allow his faith to influence how he approaches his struggles, as he continues to heal through music.

“Put a lot of time into this one!” NF tweeted last night. “Thank you guys for all the support!! My new album THE SEARCH IS OUT NOW!!!”

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Listen to the complete playlist down below!


1. The Search
2. Leave Me Alone
3. Change
4. My Stress
5. Nate
6. Time (Extended)
7. Returns
8. When I Grow Up
9. Only f. Sasha Sloan
10. Let Me Go
11. -Interlude-
12. Hate Myself
13. I Miss the Days
14. No Excuses
15. Like This
16. Options
17. Why
18. Thinking
19. Trauma
20. Time

What do you think of The Search?

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