Have You Heard of Castle No Kings?

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i first heard of “Castle No Kings” when they released a Powerful New Single “Thinning Veil” that Examines The Effects On A Family Dealing with Domestic Abuse

If you haven’t ever heard of them, you are missing out on an amazingly talented group of guys. Check out their single “Thinning Veil” down below.

*Trigger Warning – Viewers Discretion*

The message of this song is very personal for me, you can read my “testimony” on leaving an abusive relationship here. If you are in this situation – it is not your fault, their is hope, and you are loved.

If you or anyone you know is experiencing domestic abuse, please seek help. There is hope

From Toledo, Ohio, Castle No Kings was born in the heart of midwest emo culture. A mixture of heavy driving instrumentals, and emotional vocal runs, they’ve found their home on the darker side of alternative music. A perfect fit for the Invogue Records family. 

Comprised of Seth Alexander (vocals), Zachary Morin (guitar/vocals), Timothy Franklin (guitar), Jacob Flores (bass), and Sam Picciuto (drums), the group recorded their first label release “Thinning Veil”, an uncomfortable look at the tragic issue of domestic violence.

a few more songs from this group

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