Wolves At The Gate’s New Album “Eclipse” Illuminates Hope in the Darkness of Despair

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Press release

Wolves at the Gate is a Christian metal and post-hardcore band out of Columbus, Ohio. They have released a new single, “Counterfeit”. “This is a fight song; a song of rebellion,” explains vocalist/guitarist Stephen Cobucci. “Countless lies and deceptions are thrown at us every day from the news media, politicians, people who abuse religion, social media, and even our own minds.” He continues, “I wanted to write a simple song that could be one of rebellion to be sung whenever we hear these lies.” “Counterfeit”, which is currently the first song on Spotify’s New Core playlist, is latest single from the band’s upcoming, self-produced fourth album Eclipse, due out July 26th via Solid State Records. 

Inspired by the natural phenomenon and its ability to mask light, cast shadows and cause chaos, Eclipse is a multifaceted record telling one major story in a myriad of ways: don’t let what’s real be hidden by darkness. Where one song feels fast and youthful, the next feels melancholic and foreboding; an apt illustration of the sporadic nature of the human mind. The record is also the band’s most lyrically-diverse collection of songs yet, as they express their thoughts on the United States’ relationship with racism, radicalism and prejudice in the song “History”, the political and religious landscape in “Evil Are The Kings” and “Counterfeit”, and more.

Vocalist/guitarist Stephen Cobucci says of the album:

We named the record ‘Eclipse’ because of how well it encapsulated the relationship the light and the dark can have. An eclipse tells you that it’s dark, but it takes truth and faith to know that the sun is still shining. All of this revolves around my walk of faith in believing the truths of the gospel message, seeking to help others find hope and peace in the love of God, as well as how to come to grips with various social/political/personal issues.

It is less than a week until the release of Wolves At The Gate’s new album Eclipse. You can listen to a few of the tracks down below from this playlist.

1. The Cure
2. Face to Face
3. A Voice in the Violence
4. Drifter
5. Enemy
6. Evil Are the Kings
7. Eclipse
8. Response
9. History
10. The Sea in Between
11. Alone
12. Counterfeit
13. Blessings & Curses

Tour Dates:
July 12 – Columbus, OH – Athenaeum Theatre (Album Release Show)
July 13 – Rochester, NY – Montage Music Hall
July 14 – Albany, NY – Jupiter Hall
July 15 – Brooklyn, NY – Kingsland
July 16 – Long Branch, NJ – Brighton Bar
July 17 – Hartford, CT – Webster Undergroud
July 18 – Philadelphia, PA – Voltage Lounge
July 19 – Richmond, VA – Canal Club
July 20 – Greenville, SC – Radio Room

About Wolves At The Gate

From Solid State Records:

Wolves At The Gate is a post-hardcore band out of Columbus, Ohio. Since 2008 the band’s reputation has been built on a foundation of lyrical authenticity and sonic evolution—both easily identifiable in their fourth studio release, Eclipse. After that, the project reflects a whole new side of Wolves At The Gate. Where each previous record honed in and peeled apart a specific emotion, Eclipse pursues them all. Where each record featured one guitarist, their newest now has two. And where they stuck with producers for their previous albums, Eclipse they produced themselves.

Inspired by the natural phenomenon and its ability to mask light, cast shadows, and cause chaos, Eclipse is a multifaceted record. Where one song feels fast and youthful the next feels melancholic and foreboding, an apt illustration of the sporadic nature of the human mind. Alongside Wolves At The Gate’s vocalist and lead storyteller Stephen Cobucci is Ben Summers , Abishai Collingsworth, Nick Detty, and the band’s newest member Joey Alarcon (who co-produced alongside Cobucci).

Set for release July 26th, 2019 on Solid State Records, Eclipse tells one major story in a myriad of ways: don’t let what’s real be hidden by darkness

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