Broken to Beautifully Whole: A Compelling Crusade to Break the Silence, Move Through the Trauma, and Heal the Pain

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Book Description


How can we recover after hurt or suffering abuse? What choices can help us transition from feeling like a victim to reclaiming our purpose and empowering our potential?

Author and speaker Cathy Studer shares the steps she followed as she moved through her own pain of carrying shame, low self-worth, and humiliation after suffering six years of childhood sexual abuse. She models how it is possible to recover from intense hurt and abuse, and create a life filled with value, purpose, and joy.

Through Cathy’s journey, you will learn;

*Why we must move through our trauma before it is possible to restore wholeness, experience lasting joy, and develop our true poetential.

*Six attributes anyone can use to initiate healing while reducing the occurence of depression, anxiety, and PTSD.

*Practical actions to identify and start to eliminate sexual abuse tragedies.

Together, we can break the silence, move through our trauma, and heal the pain…starting today!

Available July 30th.

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