Gone Fishing: A Heartwarming and Hilarious Novel Told in Poems

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If you’re looking for a book that’s equal parts funny and heartwarming, Gone Fishing by Tamera Will Wissinger and Matthew Cordell is the perfect catch. As a series of poems, it’s a refreshing departure from traditional novels, and the proper poetic form for each poem adds a layer of depth that is sure to delight readers of all ages.

The story follows nine-year-old Sam as he embarks on a fishing trip with his dad, only to have his little sister Lucy tag along. But what starts as a frustrating situation turns into a heartwarming story of sibling harmony and a father-son bond that will tug at your heartstrings.

The illustrations by Matthew Cordell are charming and add a touch of humor and drama to the already delightful poetry. Plus, the Poet’s Tackle Box at the end of the book is the perfect primer for aspiring poets of all ages.

So whether you’re an avid reader or just dipping your toes into the world of poetry, Gone Fishing is a must-read that is sure to leave you hooked.

A hilarious novel told in a series of poems

Book Description

Triple Crown Awards’ 2017-2018 Gallery Honor

“Just the thing for readers with a burgeoning interest in poetry—or angling.”—Publishers Weekly

Nine-year-old Sam loves fishing with his dad. So when his pesky little sister, Lucy, horns in on their fishing trip, he’s none too pleased. All ends well in this winsome book of poems—each labeled with its proper poetic form. Together the poems build a dawn-to-dusk story of a father-son bond, of sibling harmony lost and found—and, most of all, of delicious anticipation. Charming line drawings animate the poetry with humor and drama, and the extensive Poet’s Tackle Box at the end makes this the perfect primer to hook aspiring poets of all ages.

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