Getting Kids to Eat Vegetables Fun and Easy Way: No Lies by Parents!

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An App that encourages healthy eating!

I know that I’m not the only parent who thinks getting my kids to eat healthier is a challenge.  This is why I’m in love with HuePets, a FREE mobile app that turns daily healthy eating into a game.

Version 2.0 is coming out this August with new characters, potions, and more!

The app is tied to a website that allows medical professionals, teachers, family, and friends to monitor a patient’s or kid’s dashboard of colorful choices and even assign rewards!

This new app turns daily eating into a fun game for young children.  The pets are what YOU eat – and the HuePets App makes it fun for kids to eat healthy and try new foods!

To celebrate the release, they are releasing the First Edition HuePets Bundle!

Click here to get the HuePets app

As always, thanks for reading!  I would love to hear how you get your kids to eat healthier!  What are some of their favorite healthy foods.

Have a blessed day!

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