Mack Brock “Covered” EP Set Releases March 22!

I’m a huge fan of Christian music, and I’m always looking to add to my collection. This is why I’m excited for the upcoming release of Mack Brock’s new album, ‘Covered‘. The release date is March 22, but if you pre-order, you get the single “I Am Loved.”


Listen to “I Am Loved” Below

Other songs on the EP:

After Me, Still In Control, Covered, and King of Heaven

About the Artist:

Mack Brock’s greatest passion is to lead people into the awareness of the presence of God and to see the breakthrough God has for them through worship. 

Mack has been a worship leader for over 15 years and co-wrote “Oh Come To The Altar”, “Ressurecting”, “Here As In Heaven”, and “Do It Again.” Three of his songs have landed in the Top 50 and four in the top 100 on the CCLI song list. 

Serving as the music producer and a key worship leader with Elevation Worship for a decade, Mack has also led thousands in worship in arenas and auditoriums throughout the United States. He lives in Charlotte, North Carolina with his wife and two children.

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