Relax with “Now That We’re Home,” A New Lullaby Album from KB Whirly + Giveaway

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If you read my blog you know I love checking out new music for kids. You can find those reviews here. I was happy to check out a new lullaby album from from KB Whirly. Even though my kids are 5 and 6, I still love playing relaxing music during quiet times. Now That We’re Home, was a very beautiful album that my family enjoyed very much.

Check out a sweet handmade arts & crafts music video for “Just Us 3” that KB Whirly made himself!

Press Release

This winter, singer-songwriter KB Whirly releases his fourth studio album Now That We’re Home, a tender collection of lullaby songs that celebrates a parents love for their children. The album explores the emotions that come from the intimacy of family life. From holding your newborn and feeling the heart swell of joy to the challenge of communicating complex ideas to young minds, Now That We’re Home is full of feelings and experiences that all families will connect with. KB Whirly shares his relatable observations while providing kids and parents a calm and peaceful musical space to unwind.

The album is deeply personal, inspired by Whirlys’ daughter as she began to recognize the world beyond herself, and ask more grown up questions about life happening around her. These soft acoustic driven songs are rooted in ordinary, everyday moments, The lyrics capture the gentle grace and deep well of feeling that is so resonant when parent and child look at the world together. Whirly imagines these songs as a companion for afternoon quiet time, a mellow drive or accompanying children to sleep.

Songs on the album include “Just us Three” which describes small poignant moments during a family outing, with a chorus that underscores the family bond.  “Place Called Home”, is a celebration of the sacred space that is home – where everyday begins a new chapter of the most extraordinary story. “Long Long Day” reflects that moment when both parent and child are exhausted, but still there is bed time to contend with and “Your Tiny Hands” which revels in the deliciousness of love, and cherishing the feeling of loving your children, a perfect song to sing to your child when they’re asleep in your arms.

Whirly wrote “Come Walk With Me” to honor his wife and the united path they travel together. It speaks to their partnership and how by sharing their dreams, together they make them real. “Oh My Love” is a song written to Love itself and expresses  Whirlys’ belief that love is everywhere; not only in family but also in the grass, and the sky, and the colors that fill our world. “What Will You Do” is a bouncy little tune about everything being possible and how some of the most important things are also some of the simplest. “Valley Of Dreams” is another song to dream by, to communicate the beauty of the world our children are growing into. It emphasizes the value of honoring the moment and the importance of being a good human above all else. Sending us off into dreamland is “You Are Love”, a song Whirly wrote in the first year of his daughter’s life as he would rock her sleep as he felt connected to everything that is good and true.

About the collection KB Whirly says: “These songs are love letters to my future daughter, who will hear them fresh one day – as a teenager or a twenty something – and feel the continuity of love, and values, and hopes and dreams that are so important to our family. Everything that matters most has been planted like seeds in these tunes –  and I hope to imagine that as my daughter grows and matures, the depth and meaning of these songs will grow and mature as well.

The album was produced by the masterful Grammy winning Dean Jones who helped create it’s rich depth of sound using a limited number of instruments. Now That We’re Home will be available at iTunes, Amazon and CDBaby. More about KB Whirly can be found at



KB Whirly, based in Southern Maine, is an award winning songwriter known for dynamic lyrical stylings that serve up comedy, poignancy, and irrepressible fun for the whole family. Most often performing as a ‘one-man band’, KB’s folksy, hand clappin’ toe tapping’ tunes will certainly stick in your ears, and his ‘live looping’ shows will leave you dizzy from dancing! Learn more at

One lucky reader will win “Now That We’re Home” by KB Whirly

One lucky reader will win “Now That We’re Home” cd by KB Whirly

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