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I received this item free of charge from in exchange for my honest review. #ChewyInfluencer

This month delivered a 20lb bag of Kaytee Basic Blend Wild Bird Food to my door. This is one of my favorite perks, and just in time for SPRING!


Kaytee Basic Blend Wild Bird Food is an everyday favorite for both bird-watchers and wild birds. This classic food includes a number of different grains to attract a wide variety of birds throughout the seasons. It’s been a mainstay in backyard feeders and is suggested for use in hopper, large-tube and covered fly-through feeders.

Key Benefits

  • Basic wild bird food blend attracts a wide variety of wild backyard birds like Chickadees, Cardinals, Blue Jays, Pine Siskins and more
  • A distinctive blend of grains, corn, stripped sunflower seeds and black oil
  • Added supplements such as Vitamin A, Vitamin D3 and Calcium Carbonate help wild birds with the stresses brought on by winter, breeding and migration
  • Great for year round feeding and all seasons
  • Seed mix is perfect for use in a hopper, large-tube or covered fly-through feeders

About They’re pet lovers who want only the best-quality products for our pets. And they’re always on the go. That’s why they created a specialty pet retailer stocking the very best brands under one roof, with fast delivery right to yours. Consider them your neighborhood pet store, but better. They’re knowledgeable and always ready to answer your questions. But you won’t have to lug that fifty-pound bag of dog food to your car because they’ll deliver it right to your door. 

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  1. I love we use this service – they have the food that my special needs cats use. It is spring and we love filling the bird feeders which we have hanging in the yard so the kitties can see them, Chewy is reliable and a really great service

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