How to Enter and Win Instagram Giveaways

I’m always getting asked how to find and win giveaways on Instagram. Here are some of the rules that I live by.

1. Pick an easy user name that friends will remember so they can tag you. Keep it short and sweet. Mine is lizard_brooks for example. Try to avoid things like “sweeper, giveaway, etc”

2.. Have a great profile picture! Shoot for a bright colorful picture that will grab attention.

3. Fill up your account with real life pictures – family, pets, food, etc. Try to avoid making it look like a “sweeper account”. If you can, avoid “regram” contests for example.

4. Setup Hashtags to Follow. These will show up in your feed.

Here are some examples of hashtags to follow…

5. You can search your hashtags to find current giveaways.

6. Companies like to run giveaways on more than one platform (ie. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). Double Check for more entries 🙂

7. When you enter a giveaway, make sure to follow the rules! So many people get disqualified for not following the rules.

Follow all accounts that are required. Like the Post. Check how many tags they want. If it says tag a friend (tag only one), if it says unlimited/multiple (I usually tag 3-5). If it is a giveaway on more than one page, enter on all pages. This will give you more eggs in the basket, and will also help you if each page chooses a winner, and then they choose one winner from that.

ALSO CHECK THE COUNTRY (USA or International). Is it a local contest? Will they ship?

Here is a short video I made on how to regram and save giveaways by ending date.

8. Make a tag list. Find some friends that enter giveaways to tag. You can help each other find giveaways. Enter more giveaways = win more!!

I enter my tag list into a random generator app. I find this helpful because it helps me remember to tag all my friends (even the ones that aren’t as active). The more your friends see your name in their notifications, the more likely they are to tag you in other giveaways . ie. more giveaways to enter!!

Also by using the generator (and only tagging 3-5 people) it helps me go slow enough, and I avoid being in Instagram jail. Yes this is a thing! Instagram will punish you for tagging too many too fast. Don’t do it!

Note: Don’t forget the @ symbol infront of your tag.

9. Opinion on Shouting Out Wins

Yes do them – don’t load up your feed with them! Remember you don’t want to look like a “giveaway account.” Instead of just an unboxing picture, try taking a creative picture with the product in use. Below is an example of one that I did, instead of talking about winning the product, I talked about how amazing the product was. Also you can utilize shoutouts on your stories “look what I got in the mail from @” and stories only show for a day. However, be mindful that your profile picture will light up red when you have stories. This means that every sponsor will be able to watch them when they are looking through your comments on their posts. Again, you don’t want your account to look like a “giveaway account”.

Good Luck & Happy Winning!

ps. If you want added to my tag list, tag me in a giveaway (@lizard_brooks) and I’ll add you 🙂

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