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This was something I had on my facebook timeline today. I’m unsure where it came from, but I wanted to share it this morning.

Say Goodbye to Demand for …

1. Give up demand to change others. (Don’t say “you have to”… be the influence of change, NEGOTIATE / talk “you hurt me when__”)

2. Give up idea for perfect justice & fairness in relationships (Live in grace NOT law, let go and forgive.. don’t stock pile wrongs… don’t just WAIT for change)

3. Give up demand for 1 person to meet your needs (don’t be dependent on 1 person, don’t make 1 person your alpha and omega, this leaves you empty, causes abandonment fear)

4. Give up demand for someone to stay when they want to leave (don’t control them, let them experience your absence)

How to Let Go…

FORGIVE – cancel debt and stop thinking about the wrongs and injuries. Your happiness doesn’t depend on others, own your own life. You can forgive and not trust, set boundaries.

GRIEF – let go of what you can’t have. This allows new things to replace the old. Feel the sadness.

ADAPTATION – adjust and find new relationships. Bend a knee and adapt to the circumstances.

FAITH – See the big picture, and trust the one who knows the path your on, and can help you through it.


Learn to say what you want & yet preserve freedom. Boundaries- Free choice. Fantasies vs. reality

Become comfortable with sad feelings (powerless, can’t change other ppl). Don’t have a goal of being happy… but be comfortable even in the sad. Live in REALITY.

Value the good in the other person that left, and you can let go (helps you say good bye (grieve), keeps you from repeating the past in future relationships) … GOD WILL REPLACE IT IF YOU LET GO & HEAL.. TAKE THE TIME TO DO SO

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