The NVR Miss Litter Box Review

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The NVR Miss Litter Box is a simple yet effectively designed litter pan.

The dimensions of the litterbox are 21″ long, 15″ wide, 11″ high.

The cat-friendly, center entrance is positioned to allow an easy step in and out.  This is great for older cats.  Often times if a cat has trouble getting in and out of the box, they will do their business elsewhere.

The High walls help keep the waste and litter contained in the box.  The litter pan’s design also cues your cat to turn and align lengthwise.  This is great for cats who are high pee-ers, and also helps with cats who like to toss the litter like confetti – both were issues in our house before this litterbox.

Cleanup is a breeze because this litter box doesn’t have sharp edges to catch the soil.    It has a smooth finish, flat floor, and radiused corners that help make cleanup a breeze!

These design elements result in a litter box that cats like to use, and is easy to maintain.  It also helps reduce litter cost because you can efficiently remove the waste, and have less spillage.

We love our NVR Miss Litterbox.

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