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Publishers Release

The first album from acclaimed touring musical company The Story Pirates, Nothing Is Impossible, will be released in online stores from Gimlet Media on September 28th. Featuring songs like “Fart Out Loud Day” — which Lin Manuel Miranda calls “a masterpiece” — the album is full of originally written and recorded tunes based on story ideas submitted by children.

Nothing Is Impossible offers listeners an eccentric array of topics, from penguins who work in an office to a carrot who lives on Saturn and longs to be eaten, this 12-song album offers unique, and uniquely fun, insight into the imaginations of children.

The album kicks off with “Fart Out Loud Day,” a funky Motown track based on a story by two sisters in Colorado, ages 9 and 11. An entire body-positivity curriculum, including a Spanish lesson, is hinted at during this special song, and listeners are invited to “let it all out” and not be ashamed of this normal bodily function.

The fun continues with a modern dance-pop tune, perfect for Halloween parties: “Frank the Monster Who Wasn’t Scary,” followed by “The Guy,” a hip hop rap about a lazy boy who soon tires of his equally lazy, chip-eating neighbor. The soaring “Star” is followed by the title track, in which Glitter the pony becomes “the best guitar player in the world” despite all the naysayers. The shiny electro-pop “All 8 Unicorns” was inspired by the story submitted by a preschooler from NYC.

All songs originally aired on The Story Pirates Podcast, which has been repeatedly selected as one of the best podcasts for kids. The Story Pirates have won acclaim from educators, parents, and more than 500,000 young people around the nation. Each week, the crew aboard the Story Pirates’ ship—including world-class actors, comedians, improvisers and musicians—takes original stories from real kids around the country, and turn them into a comedy series for all ages. In spring 2018, the Story Pirates also published their first book Stuck in the Stone Age (authored by New York Times  best-selling author Geoff Rodkey), which Patton Oswalt calls “an amazing read.”

Catch the Story Pirates live this fall and winter by checking out their many school and public performance schedules at, and view the animated music videos for “All 8 Unicorns” and “Fart Out Loud Day” down below, or on their Story Pirates’ YouTube channel.

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Track list

  1. Fart Out Loud Day
  2. Frank the Monster Who Wasn’t Scary
  3. The Guy
  4. Riding a Seagull Was Good
  5. Star
  6. Nothing Is Impossible
  7. In the Car
  8. How Penguin Office Became a Thing’
  9. All 8 Unicorns
  10. Pizza Revenge
  11. Fred the Carrot
  12. What the World Was Called before Us

Watch “All 8 Unicorns”

Based on an original story by Cece, age 4, from Brooklyn, NY.  For more kid-inspired songs, check out the Story Pirates Podcast (read more about the podcast down below)

Listen to Fart Out LOUD Day

Based on an original story by two sisters, Samantha (age 11) and Ali (age 9) from Colorado, “Fart Out Loud Day” is a funkalicious body-positivity anthem that gives everyone permission to let it out.  For more kid-inspired songs, check out the Story Pirates Podcast


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The Story Pirates, the acclaimed nationally touring company that turns kids’ wildly creative stories into musical sketch comedy, will release their first-ever album of songs: Nothing Is Impossible. With a zany array of topics, from office penguins to fashionable unicorns, soaring as high as the shiny stars and a carrot on Saturn, this is an album of 12 songs that spring from the unbound imaginations of children.  The digital-only album, featuring original songs that originally aired on the Story Pirates Podcast, is performed by a cast of dozens of actors and musicians.  Catch the Story Pirates live, and view their tour schedule at

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