Haley’s Friendship Challenge by Louie Lawent

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Haley’s Friendship Challenge is a beautifully illustrated story about a girl who moves to a new town.  Unfortunately, she isn’t fitting in and she misses her old friends.  For her birthday, Haley receives a much-coveted surprise that she shares with no one.  However, her feelings change when she feels empathy for a neighborhood dog that has also lost her pals.  After weeks of loneliness, Haley realizes that things are not getting better for either of them; it’s time to make new friends.

As we grow older, the world doesn’t stand still.  Time passes quickly, so embrace each moment to make a new friend.  Haley’s Friendship Challenge is dedicated to children who have a hard time adjusting to change.

My Thoughts

I think Haley’s story is one that many of us can relate to.  We recently moved to a new town with only 2 months left of the school year.  It was a move that had to happened over night, and I’m so grateful that my daughter’s adjusted quickly, and their classmates welcomed them with open arms.  Change is hard for children at any age, and I think it is wonderful that there is a book to help ease the transition for them.

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About Louie Lawent:

I am the author of the children’s picture book “Gerty the Pig” which is in school systems across the U.S. The book is in the National Accelerated Readers program. My co-written song “Strangely Beautiful” was featured in the TV show “Famous In Love” and my co-write
“Angels Of The New Millennium” was licensed to the TV show “Full Circle.” Ten of my co-writes were on Steve Goodie’s kids album “Refrigerator Art” CD. My co-write “One More Father’s” son which is about a homeless veteran is on Grammy winner DL Byron’s “satori” CD. I have numerous other song co-writes. I love playing beach volleyball. I am an excellent ping pong player. I also a big time fan of the Green Bay Packers.  Follow him on Facebook

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