This Weeks Favorites

Favorite Food Finds This Week

Belgian Boys Products

Every one of these were so delicious.  The cookies were crunchy and buttery – to die for. The stroopwaffels were crunchy on the outside, chewy on the inside, with a yummy caramel filling – delicious.    The Liege Waffles were dough with caramelized sugar  – and explosion of flavor.  Lets just say –  the box didn’t last long at our house!

PS Seasoning & Spices | BBQ Sauce – Sweet Red Chili

This product is absolutely delicious!  It has a sweet flavor with just the right spicy kick!  I put it on some pork and used the crock pot for an easy dinner.

Favorite Beauty Finds This Week

Duckish Handmade Natural Skin and Bath Care Products

Both these products are amazing at hydrating and detoxifying your skin.  I really loved how my skin felt after using these products.  They both smell amazing too.

Favorite Toy Finds This Week

Splashlings® Realms and Splashlings® An Ocean Full of Friends

The girls won these on instagram and you can read the review here.

What the kids are watching this week.

The Golden Compass | Netflix

Elena of Avalor | Amazon

What I’m watching this week.

Like Father | Netflix

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