Song Discovery | Empty by Andy Mason and Joshua Belter

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The official song and video based on the book The Story Of A Box by Joshua Belter.

The Story of a Box (Volume 1) by Joshua Belter

“The box wasn’t empty anymore…..” The Story of a Box is a unique book/music project that deals with an issue that many of us are forced to deal with at some point in our lives… bullying. The book also demonstrates the importance in life of remaining true to yourself. The original Story of a Box was written by Joshua Belter for a fourth grade writing project and reflects many of the thoughts and emotions he experienced as a child. Although professionally illustrated by Jean Ashenfelter, the message, tone, and theme has changed very little from the original story written over three decades ago. The music group Fast Time Constant recorded the song “Empty”, which is a companion to the book. The song is included with the book as a free download from the official book website: Fast Time Constant is the musical duo of Andy Mason and Joshua Belter. Bullying affects so many, and this topic should be discussed and explained openly with our children. Many children often feel trapped and ashamed when confronting bullies in school. They need to understand their options and the importance of freely discussing those problems with teachers and parents.

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