My Account is Closed on Amazon #AmazonClosed

So I just ordered something on the Amazon App the other day and it arrived yesterday. I say this, because I tried logging in via desktop – and it said my account didn’t exist. I though, hmm that is weird, I guess I will wait to see if my package arrived.



I had seen everyone on Facebook saying that their accounts had been closed, so I was worried. But when my packaged arrived – I was relieved. I figured maybe it was a glitch. However, I still can’t log in.

I called them today and they said my account was closed for violation. They didn’t tell me what this was for – or what it means. They said I should have gotten an email about it being cancelled — I didn’t. They then told me they’d send me another email after they looked into it.

I’m a amazon affiliate and post links on my blog. I don’t know if this is a problem, as I stated it on the site. I never even received a check from this – so I don’t see that it would be a problem. I thought it was our job to link to their products – BUT WHATEVER!

So I just loaded my giftcard balance this weekend. I won’t get a refund for that. They said they sent me an email saying they cancelled my account – searched, and it is not there! ALSO I have Amazon Prime paid for until September. I’m also loosing 40 TV Shows, 86 movies, and several books on my account that I will never be able to watch again. I thought buying movies and watching them on our roku would be safe for the kids! WRONG!

I’m so upset. I love AMAZON. Entering giveaways for amazon giftcards was my thing. Being a single mom I need all the help I can! This is how I would buy daily essentials and clothes for the kids. I ALSO hate taking them shopping – and it was nice buying some stuff online.

Now I just don’t know what to do. I feel like crying…

I’m not HAPPY with AMAZON at all…

I’m about to take down every amazon link I have on this site – feeling really let down.


  1. Happened to mine too! They didn’t give me any reasoning over the phone whatsoever and I never received an email until the other day stating I had violated terms and they are deciding if they should allow me to have my account back. Pisses me off. I had my Prime membership paid up too, plus my Gift cards loaded on there. So ridiculous. I haven’t even posted a review on there in over a year!!

  2. That is why I’ve been slow getting on the Amazon bandwagon. They are so monolithic! I finally got onto Prime, this is my first year. I’ve ordered a few things, nothing major. But this last week, it was ridiculous. I ordered a pair of mules and stated my size, 7.5, The package came as expected, but when I opened it, the shoes were literally size 11.5. I’m like, “I ordered mules shoes, not the donkey! They were so huge!!! How does any company get that so wrong? I’m sorry to hear about that massive mistake on your account. That never should have happened!

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