Why Jesus Died – A Family Devotional

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Activity: Have family members gather in a room and line up against a wall. Tell them to face the wall and try (alone and together) to push the wall down. Ask, “Is there any way to go through this wall to the next room without going through the door?”

Going Deeper: Explain that the wall is a barrier separating the two rooms. In the same way, walls create barriers between rooms, our sin placed a barrier between us and God. But Jesus’ death and resurrection provide a way through the sin barrier that would otherwise keep us from a relationship with God. Because Jesus died and came back to life, He became the door that allows us to come to God.

Talking to Each Other: How do you feel when you do something wrong? How do you feel when you are forgiven for doing something wrong? Since Jesus has become the door that leads to God, how can we walk through that door?

Talking to God: Thank God for loving us so much that He was willing to send His only Son to die for our sins so that we can have a relationship with Him.

Finishing Well: Read Ephesians 2:14.

— Devotional by Lettie Kirkpatrick Burress

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