Warm your pet’s heart with love with Caru Pet Food’s Bone Broths – Review & Giveaway

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Warm your pet’s heart with love with Caru Pet Food’s Bone Broths for dogs and cats. Their Grass-Fed Beef and Free Range Chicken Bone Broths are made by slowly simmering natural bones, plus organic carrots, organic celery and organic parsley into a flavorful, nutrient-rich stock. Cooked with 100% human grade, all-natural, non-GMO ingredients and produced in a human grade food facility in the United States. They can be served as a tasty between-meal treat, or poured over dry or raw food to enhance its appetite appeal. They’re packed in Tetra Pak cartons, a BPA-free sustainable packaging that keeps them fresh without preservatives.


What makes CARU‘s bone broth more than just a flavor enhancer? First of all, it’s made from 100% human grade beef or chicken bones, not just flavors or additives. As a result, that means it’s packed full of nutrients to nourish, hydrate and reward your dog and cat. Here are some additional great details about CARU‘s bone broth’s that truly set it apart from the rest.

CARU Bone Broth Preparation

  • CARU bone broth is prepared in the classic style by cooking bones, fresh organic vegetables and herbs. It is cooked low and slow for 18-24 hrs to ensure that all of the gelatin, collagen, protein and minerals are extracted from the bones.
  • CARU‘s bones are actually cooked by steam so that they are not scorched or burned during the cooking process.
  • CARU‘s Bone Broth is filtered to remove any impurities and is made from pure meat/ veggie extract rather than powders like many other broths are.

100% human grade ingredients made in a human food plant

  • We only use bones from US-sourced grass-fed cattle or free-range chickens that are antibiotic free with no added hormones.
  • The vegetables we use are organic and the water is filtered.
  • Bones make up the largest part of our ingredient list so that we can ensure we achieve a high level of protein (90+% on a dry matter basis).
  • In addition, carrots, celery, parsley & herbs in the broth round out the flavor.
  • Apple cider vinegar is added to the broth to pull the nutrients from the bones.
  • Black peppercorns are added as they assist in increasing gastrointestinal absorption of the nutrients.
  • CARU bone broth is packaged in Tetra Pak® containers. This unique cooking and packing process allows for CARU bone broth to be shelf stable for 2 years without the use of any preservatives. CARU packaging is also BPA ­free and eco-friendly.
  • The best of all is the convenience of our packaging, just open, serve and then re-close and store in the refrigerator (good for 7 days once opened). Nothing could be simpler.


CARU‘s Beef and Chicken Bone Broths can be used many ways

  1. Use Bone Broth (instead of water) to re-hydrate freeze-dried or dehydrated foods.This adds not only great flavor but added nutrition to your dog or cat’s meal.
  2. Pour Bone Broth over kibble to help moisten it and add extra liquid to your dog or cat’s dried food meal.
  3. Add Bone Broth instead of water to homemade treat / cookie recipes when cooking treats from scratch to add flavor and nutrition.
  4. Mix your dog or cat’s water with Bone Broth to encourage them to drink more especially when they have an upset tummy as bone broths tend to help with gut health.
  5. Pour Bone Broth into ice cube trays for a delicious summer time treat or to portion out daily doses of Bone Broth.



One lucky winner will receive Two (2) cartons of Bone Broth (one chicken, one beef).  Enter below, and may the odds ever be in your favor to win!   The giveaway ends March 1, 2018 at 11:59 p.m. CST.

*The only requirements for giveaways is that the winners have a non-P.O.box mailing address and is located in the United States. 

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