How to Integrate the Mind, Brain, and Body Through Movement

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Bal-A-Vis-X:  Rhythmic Balance/Auditory/Vision/Exercises for Brain and Body Integration

From a Teacher:  “My growing experience with Bal-A-Vis-X and Brain Gym has made clear to me that purposeful, mindful movement is as fundamental to all learning as rhythm is fundamental to coordination.  Instructing an rhythmic child to practice, practice, practice!- whether a physical or academic skill-is simply a practice in frustration for everyone in the teaching-learning equation.  Struggling students need something more.  Bal-A-Vis-X addresses rhythm, balance, focus, vision tracking deficiencies, mid-line crossing in three dimensions and FUN-in essence, the building blocks of physical, academic and social learning.

Subtle balance disturbances can impair those fundamental brain processing structures that are critically involved in attention, memory, auditory perception, vision and visual processes, reading and speech, spatial orientation, coordination efficient movement, and proper sequencing of information.  – Dr. Frank Belgau, University of Houston


Bouncing Ball To Learning

Purposeful Movement.  Neuroscientists report that the cerebellum operates at a higher capacity during times of movement.  Purposeful movement affects memory, creativity, and reaction time. – Dr. Linda Wilson, Behavioral Neuroscientist, University of Manitoba

Integrate Mind, Brain, and Body through movement.

Bal-A-Vis-X for Preschool Kids

Bags, Balls, and Brains “Crossing over the Midline”

Bilateral Movement is the coordinated movement of the opposite sides of the body and directs communication across the corpus callosum.   Bilateral movement integrates binocular vision, binaural hearing, and stimulates the speech and language centers of the brain.


Crossing Midline Activities can help children listen and learn better!

By taking the time to do brain-building exercises and purposeful movement activities with you children you will help activate the right and left sides of the brain.  Children can do this by crossing the mid-line through different movements.


Crossing Mid-line Activities for kids of all ages

  1. Playing with rhythm scarves
  2. Playing with blocks (stacking)
  3. Dancing to music
  4. Using a washcloth to bathe
  5. Dusting or sweeping the house
  6. Playing patty-cake
  7. Playing with cars on a large path
  8. Playing flashlight tag
  9. Washing the car
  10. Painting with a large paint roller
  11. Cross Crawls (touching hand to opposite foot or knee)
  12. Wipe off the table with a towel or washcloth using one hand
  13.  Stepping foot out to throw a water balloon
  14. Draw a large, horizontal figure 8 on a chalk board or sidewalk
  15. Water flowers with a garden hose using both hands
  16. Bean bag toss while sitting criss cross applesauce
  17. Playing tennis
  18. Playing a game of simonssays
  19. Ball pass relay races
  20. Squiring a water gun at a target


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