Check Out These Fun Winter Crafts

The girls and I have been doing crafts at church the past few weeks.

These sock creatures are super easy to make.  First, you fill a sock with rice.  Then you rubber band the head and top.  Add another sock for the hat and decorate!  Allie made the penguin, and the others were made by other kids.

Who knew that toilet paper rolls could be so fun.  Allie created a wise man, and I made a snowflake.  You can spray paint the snowflake and add glitter to make it super sparkly on the tree.   🙂


Cora made this star ornament in her class.  How super easy is this for the little kids to do!  🙂

Cora’s teacher made these finger puppets for the girls.  The girls can now learn the nativity story through PLAY!  Aren’t these the cutest thing EVER!?!

What are some of your favorites?

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