Give Your Children the Gift of Science and Math Through Arbordale Picture Books

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Arbordale Publishing is on a mission to inspire a love of reading and improve young children’s science and math literacy through picture books.

We were sent some of their new releases, & the girls really enjoyed them.  The are full of facts, activities, and science and math concepts.  🙂


The Sparrow and the Trees – The Sparrow family is ready for their trip south for the winter, but Papa’s wing is hurt and he cannot make the trip. He asks the trees for help. One by one, the mighty, leafy trees of the forest say no! Will any of the trees help Papa Sparrow? What will happen to the selfish trees that turned him away? Discover why some trees lose their leaves in winter in this retelling of a Native American pourquoi tale.


Newton and Me – While at play with his dog, Newton, a young boy discovers the laws of force and motion in his everyday activities. Told in rhyme, Lynne Mayer’s Newton and Me follows these best friends on an adventure as they apply physics to throwing a ball, pulling a wagon, riding a bike, and much more. They will realize that Newton’s Laws of Motion describe experiences they have every day, and they will recognize how forces affect the objects around them.


Bat Count: A Citizen Science Story – Jojo is prepping for an exciting night; it’s time for the bat count! Bats have always been a welcome presence during the summers in the family barn.  But over the years, the numbers have dwindled as many bats in the area caught white-nose syndrome.  Jojo and her family count the bats and send the numbers to scientists who study bats, to see if the bat population can recover.   On a summer evening, the family quietly makes their way to the lawn to watch the sky and count the visitors to their farm.


Honey Girl: The Hawaiian Monk Seal – Hawaiian locals and visitors always enjoy spotting endangered Hawaiian monk seals, but Honey Girl is an extra special case. S he has raised seven pups, and scientists call her “Super Mom.”  After Honey Girl is injured by a fishhook, she gets very sick. Scientists and veterinarians work to save Honey Girl so she can be released back to the ocean.  This true story will have readers captivated to learn more about this endangered species.


Living Things and Nonliving Things by Kevin Kurtz – Using a wide variety of photographs, author Kevin Kurtz poses thought-provoking questions to help readers determine if things are living or nonliving.

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