The Magic School Bus Rides Again on Netflix!

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I can’t believe that it has 20 years since “The Magic School Bus” hasn’t been on TV.   It was one of my all time favorite shows as a kid.  The girls started watching the original on Netflix a few months ago.  They absolutely love it! — so we were excited to here that there was a sequel, “The Magic School Bus Rides Again.”

Grab your permission slips, fasten your seat belts as the new Ms. Frizzle and her class embark on adventure-filled filed trips, inspiring kids everywhere to learn about the wonders of science along the way.


In the new “The Magic School Bus Rides Again”, Lily Tomlin reprises her role as Miss Frizzle.  Miss Frizzle has now become Professor Frizzle.  She is passing the keys of the Magic School Bus over to her younger sister, Fiona Felicity Frizzle.  Kate McKinnon plays her, and she does a wonderful job.  I love how the new Frizz still shares her sister’s zany ways and passion for science.  (Her hair is a little less Frizzy though, lol)

Our Take on the New Show!  We have mixed reviews about the show in our house.  My daugher Allie, who is 6, loves the show more than the original.  My daughter Cora, who is 4, doesn’t like it as much as the old one.   It took me a few episodes to start enjoying it because my heart really loves the old one… but by episode 4, I was hooked.  I really love how the old Frizzle wraps up every show.

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Did you watch the original “The Magic School Bus?”  If so, What did you love about it?  Will you watch “The Magic School Bus Rides Again?” 


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