Lakewood Discovery Center in Salina KS

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The Discovery Center, in Salina KS, is a wonderful place which creates and nurtures curiosity and interest in nature.  Children of all ages can enjoy spending time there. 

The center has several nooks and crannies to explore. – it’s new everytime we visit.  You could spend hours and hours in this place — and still never see it all!  There are several coves to curl up in and read a nature books.   Our favourites our the Zoobooks!  There is an art station that you can use to explore your creative side.  And the center offers several windows with binoculars in which you can view the nature outside.

The center also has several areas to get to get to know the local wildlife.  I especially loved the information on poisonous wildlife.  They have many learning stations – such as bird identification, insect life cycles, geology, prehistoric life, urban wildlife habitats, and many more.  Your kids will have a blast as they explore the skulls of various animals, feel different pelts, look through a microscope… and visit with centers turtles, fish, snakes, and owl.

After you and your kids explore the Discover Center, take them outside to the trails.  They weave through an area containing prairie, woodlands, and water.  Let them explore the various plants an animals that Kansas has to offer.  Hopefully you did your research inside tour guide Mom and Dad!!  They have several cute areas to sit and observe the wildlife around the center, including a bird watching area.  The kids may see birds, squirrels, racoons, or deer while they are exploring the trails. 

The center is free,  and they are open Monday-Friday 8:00 – 4:30.

Have you been to the center?  What is your favorite part?

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