Emotional Pumpkin Faces

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Emotions are given to us by God and are not good or bad in and of themselves. It all depends on the choices we make when we feel the emotions.

When I am frustrated, do I hit or yell at my sister?  When I am happy, do I brag to try and make others jealous?  When I am angry, do I decide to never forgive the person who hurt me?  Pleasing God is all about using our emotions as tools instead of weapons.

    Talk about emotions.  Identifying and discussing emotions can help young children understand their own and others’ feelings.  Find opportunities to identify real and play emotions.  For example, if two stuffed animals are fighting, you could say, “They are angry.  They both wanted that toy.” Reading stories provides a great opportunity to discuss the connection between behavior and emotion. For example, “The rabbit is running so fast!  He seems scared.”

    Here is a fun Halloween Game to play with your children to provide a chance to talk about emotions.

    Feelings Charades -Have your child act out the feelings on the cards while you or someone else tries to guess what feeling they are acting out.

    Feelings Matching Game-  have two sets of the same pumpkin,  and have kids find the matching feeling faces.  The player with the most matches wins. 


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