cookie monster is getting a foodie truck!

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The next season of “Sesame Street” begins Nov. 11 on HBO, followed by a spring debut on PBS.

So what is new this season? Well… Get ready to hit the road with Cookie Monster in an all-new segment!

“Cookie Monster’s Foodie Truck” is a dynamic new way for kids to learn where their favorite foods come from. In each five-minute installment, Cookie Monster and his new pal Gonger receive a video call from a child who orders a favorite dish. Partway through preparing each recipe in their fully-loaded food truck, Cookie and Gonger realize that they’re missing a key ingredient. They jump behind the wheel and leave Sesame Street to gather the missing ingredient right from the source.

The truck drives away to visit a cranberry bog, a pasta factory, an apple orchard, and more. Farmers and artisans show Cookie and Gonger how their star ingredient is grown or produced, help restock the food truck, and send the friends on their way.

Back on Sesame Street, Cookie and Gonger get started on the order. Once complete, each dish is “launched” to the caller via the food truck’s patented catapult, “landing” safely on the caller’s kitchen table.

The idea behind the few feature is to have kids learn how food’s made and then eat healthier because of it.

They will also have some big-named chefs helping them create meals like Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi who will visit for the international street food fair.

Select “Cookie Monster’s Foodie Truck” Segments

  • Apples, Episode 4801
  • Cranberries, Episode 4802
  • Pineapples, Episode 4805
  • Avocados, Episode 4811
  • Angel Hair Pasta, Episode 4812
  • Tortillas, Episode 4816
  • Maple Syrup, Episode 4821
  • Milk, Episode 4828


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