We’re celebrating Curiosity Day with Curious George!

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For several years, CURIOSITY DAY has been an annual event held in Boston, Massachusetts, with materials offered to stores, libraries, and schools nationwide so everyone can join the fun.  Through this event, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and partners have helped thousands of kids, parents, and grandparents celebrate a love of reading and learning. Curiosity Day is always held on or around September 16, the birthdate of Curious George creator H.A. Rey, and the honorary birthday of everyone’s favorite monkey, Curious George!

Curious George has been a curious monkey for 75 years!  I took my kids to the Salina Public Library so they could get curious about reading!  I don’t know about you, but I think a good book is the perfect place to satisfy a curious mind.

Allie was curious about frogs, so we picked up a bundle of frog books.   The wonderful Librarians here at the Salina library create themed book bundles for parents who are in a hurry.  I think this is such a great idea!  🙂

The Libray is also the perfect place to find Curious George books!  Leave a comment, and let us know your favorite!

Celebrate today by playing some GAMES:  We had fun playing “Simon Says,” and changed the name to “The Man with the Yellow Hat Says”.

Here are some FUN facts about Curious George

  • More than 75 million copies of Curious George books have been sold worldwide.
  • Curious George has been translated into many languages, including Yiddish, Afrikaans, Braille, Japanese, French, Portuguese, Swedish, German, Chinese, Danish, and Norwegian.
  • Curious George first appeared in Cecily G. and the Nine Monkeys, which was published in France in 1939. He was called Fifi in those editions.
  • Hans Rey first saw his future wife, Margret, at a party in her father’s home in Germany, where she was sliding down the banister.
  • When Curious George was published in 1941, King George was the king of England. So as not to be disrespectful to the king by associating him with a monkey, Curious George was called Zozo in England.
  • The Reys created Curious George Goes to the Hospital at the request of officials at Boston Children’s Hospital who wanted a book to prepare children for a hospital stay. After it was published, many parents wrote to the Reys to tell them how effective the book was in reducing their child’s fear of hospitals.
  • A newspaper clipping about two mice that were sent into space to study the effects of weightlessness inspired the story of George’s own space flight in Curious George Gets a Medal.
  • Many of the Reys’ own interests and adventures found their way into the Curious George books. Both Hans and Margret were very fond of animals, and their first stop in a new city was always the zoo. Hans smoked a pipe; they lived among palm trees in Brazil; they rode out of Paris on bicycles; and they left Europe on an ocean liner. All of these details were woven into Curious George stories.
  • The Curious George books were a true collaboration. Hans was usually in charge of the ideas and the illustrations, while Margret handled the plot and the writing.

Celebrate George’s Birthday with something YUMMY to eat!  We decided to make a banana cream pie.  Yummy!


Watch Curious George on Television.  We watched “Curious George:  A Halloween Boo Fest” on Netflix.  Have you seen it?  We loved it! 🍁🍃

We hope you have a FUN day Celebrating Curiosity Day with your family!  What fun ideas do you have planned?


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